Andy Stott
Faith in Strangers, 2014

Andy Stott picks the best fucking album art. You see the cover for Faith in Strangers above, but take a look at this. This. And this too. The guy has his aesthetic nailed down, that’s for sure: sleek, stark, dangerous but well-appointed. 2012’s Luxury Problems had perhaps the ultimate Andy Stott album title — it was the sound of shit breaking down, as heard from the most expensive seat on the Titanic. “Damage,” from the new album, is a fitting follow-up: knotty, clanging percussion, a relatively leaden tempo, a three-note bass melody torn from some larger, more elaborate production. Minimal, abrasive, selective … luxuriant. Proceed at your peril.

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14312140/07%20Damage.mp3]


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