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“Other Side (Stuck Together Remix)”

Atoms for Peace
Single, 2012

You could make the case that Thom Yorke’s place in popular music is not what it used to be. Reaction to the most recent Radiohead record was relatively modest after almost two decades of unfettered praise. And while his surprise DJ gigs still rate as blog fodder, 2013’s The Eraser-meets-Afrobeat Atoms for Peace excursion got a similarly quiet reception. With attention drifting to younger artists, Yorke has quietly and convincingly branched out as a remixer. Here, aided by longtime producer Nigel Godrich, he reshuffles Amok standout “Stuck Together Pieces” as something darker, more thoughtful, and ultimately more rewarding. It’s the best Atoms-branded bit thus far, and proof that our favorite, most established artists still retain the capacity for surprise.


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